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Monday & Tuesday

Remote Learning Term 3 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you for accessing our Remote Learning Schedule for the 5-day Lockdown. Due to the nature of the decision to lockdown after school had already finished on Thursday, we were unable to provide booklets this time around. Over the course of the next 3 days the most important thing to do is to look after your children and ensure they stay positive through such an uncertain time. In order to restore a bit of normality I have set added links to their passwords so they have access to familiar sites and work. We would love to see plenty of reading along with some Maths work being completed each day. See below for the links and descriptions. Stay safe everyone! Mr Collins


Mathletics: On Mathletics the students have access to Tasks (courses), Quests, Challenges and Live Mathletics. Please complete as many of the tasks as you can. If you are having trouble we will look at the areas requiring extra work when you return to school. Grade 3-6 a focusing on Multiplication and the P-2 class are doing Addition & Subtraction.

Mathletics Passwords


epic!: epic! is a reading program that gives the student access to a range of interactive texts. The students are very familiar with this program and it is a great way to get your daily reading time up. 

epic! Passwords


Literacy Pro Library: This program is one used primarily by the 3-6 class and it is similar to epic! in that is has interactive books for the students to read. Many of the books on here are Non-Fiction and a lot of the kid enjoy reading and learning from these. 

Literacy Pro Passwords


Reading Eggs: This program is split into two main sections: Reading Eggs and Reading Express. When on this site the students work through lessons and activities to assist with their reading, comprehension and spelling skills. The students know which of 2 sections they are working from and can confidently navagate their way around the site when logged in. 

Reading Eggs Passwords


PM E-Collection: These are a series of books available to all of our P-2 students and a few grade 3 students. These books allow students to build their sight word knowledge in a meaningful way. 

PM E-Collection Passwords


The Students' books in their Reader Covers are always there if they are bored wink